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Lowering Americans’ Cost For Prescription Drugs

We are America’s Premier Prescription Savings Program. Our cardholders have saved over $1 billion on their prescription drug purchases! The Prescription Savings Card Program is one you can trust – with thousands of participating pharmacies nationwide, you’ll get the best possible savings and our commitment to your health and well being.

  • Valid For Entire Family & Unlimited Use
  • Save Up To 65%
  • Save On Generic Drugs
  • Save On Brand Name Drugs

Prescription Savings For The Whole Family!

Use the Prescription Savings Card and begin receiving savings of up to 65%! Saving on both Generic and Brand Name Drugs at over 60,000 nationwide pharmacies! Card Valid for Entire Family.


Available On Your Phone or Tablet

We have made it super easy for you to save with your mobile device. If you don’t want to carry a card in your wallet, just push the prescription savings card icon on your phone and show your screen to the pharmacist. It’s that easy to save!

How to Save

How to save money with the SAVNET Prescription Savings Card.

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SAVNET isn’t just about great dental savings, when you enroll, you’ll also receive a wide variety of savings on vision care, chiropractic care, prescriptions and more!


Savings You Can Count On

SavNet Health Savings Program provides a solution to your health care puzzle. Our savings program can significantly reduce your health care costs. This program will be the gateway to a healthier you. Our extensive networks make it easy for you to find providers close to home, work or while you are traveling. 

Our savings program will significantly reduce your health care costs. Our extensive networks make it easy for you to find providers close to home, work or while you are traveling.

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