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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Dental Savings Program?

A Dental Savings Program Is An Affordable And Easy To Use Alternative To A Dental Insurance Plan. Program Members Have Access To A Large Nationwide Network Of Participating Dentists Who Have Agreed To Offer Services At A Reduced Rate. There Are No Claims Or Paperwork To Be Filed, No Pre-Existing Condition Restrictions And No Waiting Periods. Our Plan Starts Working For You Immediately With No Annual Limits.

Who Can Use The Dental Savings Card?

You And Your Immediate Family

Will This Card Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Yes. This Card Is Not Insurance So There Is No Limitation To Using The Program.

What Does The Savnet Dental Savings Card Cover?

The Savnet Dental Savings Program Can Provide Numerous Savings On Dental Work To Just You Or Your Immediate Family Members, Regardless Of Your Age Or Health History.

How Can I Confirm If My Dentist Is in Your Network?

Yes, You Can Search For A Provider On Our Website And Click ‘Find A Provider’ Tab.

Do I Receive A Discount If My Dentist Isn’t In The Network?

Program Members Will Not Receive Discounts On Dental Care When Visiting An Out-Of-Network Provider. Members Must Always See A Participating Dentist To Receive The Discounts Associated With Their Discount Dental Program. However, If A Dental Care Provider Would Like To Join A Network, They May Do So On Our Website.

If I Join The Dental Savings Program, Will It Interfere With My Medicare?

No, As Medicare Does Not Cover General Dental Care Such As Checkups, Cleanings, Fillings, Or Dentures. Medicare Advantage Does Cover Some Routine Dental Services, So Check With Your Plan To See What Dental Services May Be Covered. You Cannot Use Your Dental Insurance And The Dental Savings Program For The Same Procedure, In Accordance With Insurance Policy Rules. Your Dentist Can, However, Help You To Coordinate Treatment Using Both Your Savings And Insurance Plans. Our Program May Also Be Used To Reduce Your Out-Of-Pocket Dental Care Costs Once You’ve Reached The Annual Maximum On Your Dental Insurance Plan.

How Does The Dental Savings Program Differ From Dental Insurance?

Discount Dental Programs Are An Affordable, Easy-To-Use And Hassle-Free Solution For Anyone Looking For Dental Care Savings. Below Is A Comparison Guide Between Discount Dental Programs And Dental Insurance To Help You Make An Informed Decision.

Dental Savings Programs:

  • No Annual Limits – Members Enjoy Discounts On Most Dental Care Services All Year Long
  • Most Programs Activate Within 24 Hours
  • No Paperwork/Claim Hassles – Members Simply Present Their Membership Card At A Participating Dentist Office For Discounts On Most Dental Services
  • No Health Restrictions – There Is No Need To Wait For Care Due To Pre-Existing Dental Issues
  • The Program Includes A Discount On Basic And Comprehensive Dental Care Including Cosmetic Procedures
  • Consumers Pay Affordable Membership Fees For Access To A Network Of Dentists Offering Discounts On Most Dental Procedures
  • Programs Available To Individuals, Families, Businesses And Groups

Dental Insurance:

  • Limitations, Deductibles And Annual Maximums
  • Waiting Periods For Major Dental Procedures
  • Tiring Written Claims Process
  • Limitations/Exclusions On Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Certain Dental Specialties, Such As Cosmetic Dentistry, Are Rarely Covered
  • Consumers Pay Expensive Monthly Premiums For Defined Coverage
  • Typically Inaccessible To Individuals And Families Unless Provided By Their Employer
If I Sign Up Today, Will My Annual Membership Automatically Renew Yearly?

Yes. Once You Sign Up, Your Annual Membership Will Automatically Renew So There Will Be Nothing More That You Will Need To Do Once You Have The Membership. Initially, You Would Pay On Our Secure Site To Start Your Membership And Then We Will Take Your Payment At The Yearly Renewal To Keep The Process Seamless.

When Will My Membership Kit Arrive?

Once You Enroll In The Savnet Dental Savings Program, A Physical Card Should Arrive In The Mail Within 7 To 10 Business Days From The Date Of Your Enrollment.

How Do I Use My Membership?

Using Your Savnet Dental Savings Card Is Easy. First, Visit The Find A Provider At The Top Of The Home Page To Find A Participating Dentist In The Network. Next, Call And Schedule An Appointment. Tell The Office You Are Part Of The Dentemax Network, and Make Sure To Present Your Membership Card Which Identifies You As A Member Of The Savnet Dental Savings Program. The Provider Will Calculate Your Discount.


SAVNET isn’t just about great dental discounts, when you enroll, you’ll also recieve a wide variety of discounts on vision care, chiropractic care, prescriptions and more!


Our discount program will significantly reduce your health care costs. Our extensive networks make it easy for you to find providers close to home, work or while you are traveling.

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